The Push for a Republic

Let us look at some of the real reasons for the determined push to change Australia into a republic. The people of Australia are not clamouring for a referendum on a republic, it is being pushed by multi-millionaires, politicians and much of the mainstream media.  Some very wealthy people are even putting their own money … Continue reading The Push for a Republic


Keep the Australian Constitution

I am the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia - I am the most important document in this land. Without me, all other Contracts and Agreements are worthless bits of paper ... Even your money and the deeds to your home are worthless without my protection. Yes, the very fabric of Your free Australian society … Continue reading Keep the Australian Constitution

Plebiscites and the Turnbull Governments Addiction to it

The Founding Fathers of Australia were well aware of the fact that starting out as a republican, Napoleon Bonaparte skillfully used seven constitutional plebiscites – just questions without details - to take and to increase his hold on power. As a result, Europe suffered over two decades of war resisting his attempts to subjugate the … Continue reading Plebiscites and the Turnbull Governments Addiction to it

Know Thine Enemy

In order to defend and promote Australian culture, race/people and nationality, we first must recognize the genesis of this cultural, racial & national vandalism of today, to its communistic movements after the First World War. According to the post-war Marxist theorists Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs, for communism to succeed in the West, broadly speaking … Continue reading Know Thine Enemy

The Fraudulent Plebiscite

Foster's Fascism

Don’t forget that in the history of the world, there was a plebiscite, in which Christ and Barabbas were being judged, and the people chose Barabbas” – Augusto Pinochet

The recent postal survey on same-sex marriage is a textbook example of why democracy is a sham. The reasons for being against homosexuality, and therefore to be against homosexual marriage, are numerous: homosexuality is considered morally reprehensible by nearly every religious doctrine; homosexuals are 37 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to be the carrier of an STD due to promiscuity and drug use; the list goes on.

5936ceb42200003d00c6c896 Do you really believe this what 61.6% of Australian voters had in mind?

However the question of homosexuality was not up for debate, only homosexual marriage. The question of no fault divorce (Family Law Act of 1975), the repeal of laws inherited by Australia…

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Multicultural Australia VS True Australia

There was a time, when a man in Australia could raise a family of three kids, own a house, a car and have money to spend on the side. His loving wife stayed home, took care of the kids, took them out to parks, met up with her friends and cooked meals for her family … Continue reading Multicultural Australia VS True Australia

Organised Chinese Government House Buying In Australia

Chinese In Australian Housing Market

In 2009 I got my Bachelor degree in Melbourne, then in 2010 I worked for 1 year in Sydney. In 2011 I returned to Beijing. I was waiting for the results of my permanent residency application. I wanted to work in China and then move to Australia permanently if I am accepted. I fell in love with Australia during my study and wanted to make a life there.

I started job hunting in Beijing. I was contacted about an opportunity for graduates from Australian universities. I thought that this was a recruitment event for a Chinese company that deals with Australia that was trying to recruit graduates who knew Australia. I thought there was nothing to lose by going to this event.

When I arrived at the venue it was clear it was a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) event. The CCP was mentioned on posters and by the authorities before the start. I was still  still a…

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A Better Australia, a Free Australia

It's time to change. Australia is suffering from an addiction to growth, growth in population (via mass immigration) and consumption, and it's destroying our support systems... little by little. When it comes to reducing Australia's ecological footprint we not only need to reduce our consumption but our population growth. Since 2003, Australia's net immigration has … Continue reading A Better Australia, a Free Australia

What happened to the Australian?

Back in the day in Australia, a city would harbor Australian culture and Australian people. The Australian people would be the majority in those cities, from Hobart to Darwin to Perth. The Australian people would walk around the magnificence of what their ancestors built and died for them. Each Australian had their own story, but … Continue reading What happened to the Australian?

Australia as we know it, is disappearing

There was a time, when a man in Australia could raise a family of three kids, own a house, a car and have money to spend on the side. The wife stayed home, took care of the kids, took them out to parks, met up with her friends and cooked meals for her family that … Continue reading Australia as we know it, is disappearing